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How it all started?

The Story So Far...

The idea of launching a solution that caters to the need of both, the creators and industry professionals started in 2018, when we began developing the software side for Quantam.

Based on the inputs we received from various time-lapse camera manufacturers around the globe, we created one of the best platforms for those cameras to be integrated on the platform.

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energy timelapse
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energy timelapse camera
We named it the Progress Center.

By the time we were developing the progress center, we were already in touch with the world’s top construction companies who were using our platform’s dashboard, compare tools, live-lapse features, and more.

Eventually, when we got in touch with their development and marketing teams, they gave us feedback based on what could be improved.

This helped us in revamping the entire solution based on the feedback we received from the industry experts.

While we were on this, we realized, we lacked a hardware solution — with features that construction companies actually wanted.

Our experience combined with one of the finest hardware developers resulted at the beginning of an amazing journey of Quantam time-lapse cameras.

Our time-lapse cameras answered every question — from the kind of features the companies were looking for to how they wanted to communicate with the camera units.

We took all that into consideration and started our R&D in 2019. By the end of 2019, we started testing our production units.

And this is how in 2020, Quantam time-lapse cameras were born.

Quantam's time-lapse cameras have established their global presence since their inception.

Quantam Camera

Our Products

quantam iris

The Quantam Iris

Engineered for challenging conditions — Deploy The Quantam Iris in the harshest surroundings and record long, professional time-lapse videos. — deserts, mountains, high-rise buildings, industries, construction sites, anywhere!

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quantam Air

The Quantam Air

A perfect plug&play unit for your on-the-go time-lapse photography, Quantam Air brings reel closer to the real.

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quantam 360

The Quantam 360

Industrial grade camera with an all-encompassing time-lapse feature, built for the supreme. Quantam 360° captures unprecedented time-lapse photography without a hassle. Because sometimes, one angle isn’t enough.

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My Quantam

Convenient time-lapse photography with built-in tools on your dashboard to control your unit’s routine.

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Progress Center

Progress center lets you track the progress of your work, compare, offer high-resolution images that you can access from anywhere around the world.

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software integrations


ShooWith integrations seamlessly accessible, you spend less time shuffling in-between the applications and focus more on a beautiful time-lapse.

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The ideal way to revisit memories

Every product of Quantam has been built complying with powerful performance that lets you take magnificent time-lapses. Nothing is off-limits for the Quantam series. Just set up your camera and let the light trails begin.

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