5 reasons to use a time-lapse camera for construction sites.



Construction photography/ videography has been a subject of interest in documenting projects. Until recent times, traditional CCTV(closed-circuit television) cameras have been serving the purpose of surveillance, especially on heavy equipment construction sites. Their primary drawback was yielding rudimentary images and videos. So, if one wished to photo document any construction process, expecting grainy and low-quality footage would have been commonplace. Additionally, if companies desired to extract images by cropping those videos, photo quality would suffer further depreciation.
Nowadays, construction sites install secure enclosures around their projects, and even before the beginning of any project, the core crew is housed correctly on-site. These activities aim at strengthening the security of that site. With the security taken care of, good quality photo documentation is left out if one still relies on the traditional cameras. If only there was a dedicated construction camera that could monitor a project's progress and record good quality footage simultaneously!

Our Solution

Timelapse photography defines a predefined interval for capturing images that can then be transferred to the gadgets of project managers or even clients. A timelapse camera is installed on a construction site at a distance feasible to capture the project view while it clicks photographs in 4K after a set period. The collection of such time-lapse photos then runs at a stretch to generate a stunning clip. Now the objects are not only vivid to the eye but can also be zoomed in without encountering blurriness.
For this and many other reasons, our choice for recording construction activities is a good quality timelapse camera. Here we have summarized the top 5 reasons why you must go for a construction time-lapse camera for your next project.

1. The Main Purpose i.e. Photo documentation

It's the primary reason why we want you to switch from the traditional CCTVs to creating High Definition footage. To be able to bring sharpness to the images and record the events associated with any project in a way that looks appealing. Not only does this serve immediate interests, but such photo documentation can also be shared with stakeholders to win grand projects.
Bring refinement into your construction project recordings and let those visuals do the talking for you in sealing profitable projects.

2. Distance Management

We talked about the work-from-home culture, let the time-lapse cameras beat the apprehensions of mismanagement that it carries. Quantam Iris, our finest attempt at timelapse photography, will help your team leads monitor the projects in real-time and at the cost of regular speed data connectivity. You can even link the footage to your social media applications, including WhatsApp, to transfer live videos and photographs at your convenience.
Our intelligent bot Peecee integrates the ProgressCenter with your WhatsApp to maintain that connection. Additionally, with this feature, keep your clientele satisfied and updated on the project progress to gain their nods wherever required during the running projects.

3. Low Data Speed Dependency With Cloud Connectivity

Did someone ask about how the footage is transferred? Internet, of course! Our Quantam Iris goes a step ahead in hosting a separate SIM slot to avoid the wifi/router expenditure, although landline integration is also available for better visuals.
Additionally, all the footage is then uploaded to our cloud platform i.e. the ProgressCenter, for you and your team to monitor on a single dashboard!

4. Rugged Built

Outdoor construction puts projects under the direct influence of the environment. Yet our engineers and construction workers are equally enthusiastic about constructing dream projects in the most challenging terrains, taming the most inaccessible areas. So, we had to develop a piece of equipment to match their energies.
Our time-lapse service in this regard is precisely built to endure the harshest climate. Housed inside a weatherproof military-grade IP66 Pelican case, Quantam Iris becomes your go-to construction timelapse camera for those adventurous projects.

5. Storage, Management, and Easy Sharing

If you are still bent on the CCTVs, here's another drawback to them–their limited storage. It implies that not only does it offer limited storage, but the footage also won't last forever either! Even the clip shots are compressed internally, thus rendering poor-quality footage!
On the other hand, our time-lapse camera puts the ProgressCentre owners in charge of assorting, deleting, and sharing images and video clips. Additionally, say goodbye to the low storage menace, and stop worrying about losing data or its quality once and for all! It's the modern times, for God's sake! And we at Quantam are striving to push you ahead of your competitors!

About Quantam Iris

Our Quantam Iris is powered by a 14Ah lithium-ion battery that can be charged with a highly durable 20 Watt Solar Panel that comes along in its time-lapse system box! Additionally, if you're running the unit on battery on a specific regime — it can run for seven days on battery alone.
Now isn’t that efficiency and purpose power-packed together?
For these and many other reasons, we are excited to get you started. Get in contact with us today to bring your construction projects to life. For installation procedures or other queries, click here.

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Why is photo documentation important in construction?

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