Why to choose a professional time-lapse camera over a CCTV camera for a time-lapse?


Sauliha Sarwar

All construction sites need to be constantly monitored. With remote monitoring of construction sites, construction cameras have become an integral part of the construction industry. Remote monitoring with cameras helps check the site’s progress without having to physically be present on the site. They further help in tracking updates, collecting information about ongoing projects, and help in reassuring owners and generating potential reports.

Time-lapse Camera or a CCTV?

Time-lapse cameras and CCTV cameras can’t replace each other. However, for monitoring construction sites, time-lapse cameras are the best go-to. Time-lapse Cameras are specifically designed for enhancing construction efficiency and help in saving a lot of time, and money.

The time-lapse camera is entitled to capture regular snapshots of an ongoing project, depicting how it has progressed over time. Most Time Lapse Cameras are specially designed to monitor construction sites. However, a CCTV camera’s main purpose is to monitor the project worksite and protect it from theft or other damage. A time-lapse camera can not only protect the construction site but also provides additional benefits.

Time-Lapse cameras are the best option for construction companies. Not only do they provide high-quality data security, but ensure that the camera is compatible with all types of weather conditions, and can automatically upload content to a data server.

The main purpose of time-lapse cameras is to document the progress of a project which mostly happens during day time, and thus, they won’t be able to be as prompt as CCTV cameras at night. For just keeping an eye on the project overnight, a CCTV camera is a better option.

Time-lapse cameras capture high-resolution images, ensuring strict adherence to quality standards, timelines, and documentation. On the other hand, CCTV cameras usually generate low-resolution images.

Time-Lapse cameras are the easiest way to generate presentation-ready videos to impress project owners/ clients. It can go through all types of weather, and for months on end while capturing high-definition images of the project.

Undoubtedly, time-lapse videos are an asset to the organization.

How do you shoot a Time-lapse in construction?

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