What is Construction Progress Photography?.



Construction progress photography is crucial to building and renovation activities today! Besides photo documenting the on-site activities, the shift in the work culture during the pandemic has also been made feasible via its remote monitoring aspect. As the construction camera rolls with bursts of photos or a timelapse of snaps taken at regular intervals, project managers can keep a vigilant eye on how the construction site grows over time. This recording thus becomes an integral part of the project itself.
To record a construction site's progress is to unravel the journey of the rise of buildings, cities, and civilizations over a period of time. Watching a man-made project evolve, with workers, engineers, and project managers contributing to it, is nothing less than a sight to behold, especially for those involved!
And a timelapse of such events creates a fascinating recount of events that lead to its completion!
But, apart from aesthetic purposes, does construction site photography deliver any other purpose to the stakeholders? If yes, how can a professional construction photographer add value to it? Let's analyze it in detail.

Why is construction progress photography important?

1. It is a recording for construction associates to ponder and improve upon. Project engineers find it easy to identify constructional errors and rectify them while the progress is still going on. Even after the completion of projects, these recordings can give insights into the performance and delivery of workers and how they can render better results in their next project.

2. Construction site monitoring is easily ensured. By connecting your construction site cameras with a real-time dashboard, stakeholders can keep a real-time check on how the project is faring, even when away from the construction sites. Besides keeping a check on the site developments, project managers and off-site engineers can keep a check on miscreants who could hamper the construction progress.
With Quantam's AI-powered ProgressCentre, you can even stay updated on the weather conditions like wind speed, drizzle, etc, so as to plan your construction work accordingly.

3. It acts as a record of human achievements to play and replay in awe. That's something to take pride in, as you watch your dream project assuming form, and now you even have a visual proof for it!

4. It acts as a well-documented resource for proclaiming expertise and booking future pursuits. You can demonstrate your career's most important projects and claim your architectural prowess this way!

5. A well-recorded timelapse video of construction site progress is awe-inspiring and incredible for service marketing. With the correct editing and filtering, you can condense the years of hard work into a social media sensation to draw attention to your firm and its other projects.

So how can you ensure that the above objectives are met satisfactorily? All it takes is a dedicated construction progress photography to take over. In this regard, your pursuit of construction photography services becomes crucial.

Facets of an Ideal Construction Site Progress Photography

If you plan to record a construction site's progress to later on present before stakeholders, you need vivid visuals that have intensively captured the construction activity. Not only this, but in order to create a timelapse of a construction site's progress, you need to have good quality images taken from the right angles.
The captured view must be free from distractions and should focus on the progress activity. Since constructions aren't staged events and must deal with natural and human disturbances, it becomes challenging for even the professionals to record tirelessly. Besides, it isn't an hour's job, but days, months, and even years converge in the completion of construction projects. So, you need professionals who are well versed in the responsibility of capturing dynamic projects that can't be reversed in reality. Lastly, it's a rare case for photographers to achieve the perfect shot in the first attempt. So stakeholders need to look for dedicated service providers who are fully invested in their project so as to be concerned about clicking, processing, and presenting the best shots and their multiple variations.
After all, the progress can only be recorded once, you need to have reliable service providers at your back. And we ensure the job is delivered as per your expectations!

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