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Push beyond the limits

Powerful performance that lets you take
magnificent time-lapses.

construction Time-lapse
Time-lapse camera
Elevate creative experiences

Trusted by thousands of brands across the globe

Industry-leading features that are infinitely spectacular
Breathtaking Time-Lapse

Control time-lapses on your fingertips

Watch video
Make beautiful time-lapse videos of dynamic landscapes, or revisit past shots anytime. Record galaxy shots, sunsets, skylines, and much more. Time-lapses can be set for any interval and duration.
You can run multiple time-lapses for different areas at the same time. Time-lapses can be viewed at any time. They can be easily navigated to any date within your time-lapse even in the middle of the recording.

Advanced Remote Control System

Quantam doesn’t limit you to just the basics. Manage your configurations, change your click time, upload time, start time, and end time - All remotely.

Quantam Time-control
Quantam Cloudreporting
Secure Cloud reporting

Manage from your pocket

Get access to the latest images, unit logs, battery health, signal strength, and other useful information, with advanced monitoring on the ProgressCenter & Quantam dashboard.

Data Center Compatibility

Compliant, Globally

Our units are compatible and compliant with most of the data-centers globally.

For the most remote sites with no fixed-line internet, the unit can operate on a range of Mobile LTE networks.

aws-light azure-light oracle-light
Zero Fixed Cabling

Powered By Solar

Quantam solarPanel
Week-Long battery life

Our built-in
pack lasts
upto 7 days

Our Products
Mind-blowing durability Remarkably resilient
Choose from an extensive range of Industrial grade products.
Integrated with everything you need for your time-lapse photography.
Quantam Products
The Quantum Pro

Extra tough for the extra rough environments

Starting from $3,499.00
The Quantam Iris is a highly powerful and reliable device to aid your professional time-lapse photography.
The Quantum AIR

For an absurd amount of delight.

Starting from $1,999.00
Detailing at its best, the Quantam Air is a perfect plug&play unit for your on-the-go time-lapse photography.
Quantam Air
Quantam 360
The Quantum 360

an all-encompassing view

Starting from $2,499.00
Detailing at its best, the Quantam Air is a perfect Industrial grade camera for your all-encompassing time-lapse photography.

Enjoy all the Accessories

Canon EOS 1500/2000D

Canon EOS 1500/2000D

USD 550.00

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Sigma 10-20mm Lens

Sigma 10-20mm Lens

USD 550.00

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WD 1TB Hard Disk

WD 1TB Hard Disk

USD 100.00

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Where can you use them?
construction Time-lapse camera
Exceptional and momentous

Construction sites

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Do you have a LOT going on at your work site too? Cranes, machines, workforce?
Quantam series is the most reliable solution to your on-site work tracking. You get high-end stabilization, a tough built, can check weather situations, and more. It’s simple, seamless, and an ideal buy for your construction business.
event management Time-lapse camera
Hit that spotlight

Event Setups

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Level up your event management with us.
Quantam series is a perfect buy. You can install them in huge pavilions, stage shows, stadiums, for a 4K capture, sharp focus day or night.
commercial Time-lapse
Capturing every detail

Commercial Shoots

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We’ve got you covered here too
Quantam series is engineered for excellence. Our cameras will help you achieve breathtaking landscape time-lapses, perfect for day/night shoots, and much more.
Time-lapse shots
Endless Customization

We serve versatility

Want customized units for your time-lapse photography?

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