Energy Monitoring

Why do you need time-lapse cameras for energy sector?

In the energy sector, timelapse cameras can be used to capture the progress of various projects such as the construction of solar or wind farms, drilling and fracking operations, and the construction or maintenance of pipelines and power plants. These cameras can provide a visual record of the progress of these projects, allowing energy companies and investors to track progress and make informed decisions.

Timelapse cameras in the energy sector can also be used for monitoring and surveillance of remote or hazardous environments, such as offshore oil rigs or transmission lines. These cameras can be equipped with night vision capabilities and weather-proof housing to withstand harsh conditions. They can be connected to a remote monitoring system, allowing for real-time monitoring and alerting of potential issues.

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Today to learn why so many companies rely on us to document their progress through time-lapse photography.


Industry-leading time-lapse cameras

Our industry-leading time-lapse cameras have assisted countless energy organizations in documenting their progress.

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Evolved Simplicity. Industry-leading custom features for your workflow.
Designed To Rule
You get high-end stability, a sturdy build, and the ability to capture immaculate time-lapses, among other benefits. It's easy to use, smooth, and a great investment for your energy plants.
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Advanced Collaboration
Document, save and share everything on/from the progress center, email, or socials, and browse through the available data, which is regularly updated due to an automated view feed.
Seamless Accessibility
Go back in time and view all stored images from the beginning of your construction project.
Real-time Monitoring
Optimize the control and monitoring of all of your Quantam construction timelapse units in real-time.
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Live Progress
Enhanced Remote Control

Manage your configurations, change your click time, upload time, start time, and remotely.

Long-term Time-lapse

Powered by solar/mains

Quantam cameras can operate on both solar and battery power. When there is
a power outage or bad weather in your construction area, the in-built battery
packs will let the unit last a week.
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Immensely Dynamic

Quantam camera units let you access the unit logs, battery health, signal strength, and other useful information, with advanced monitoring.

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