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Quantam Iris
Starting from USD 3,999.00
Monthly subscription starts as low as $30.
  • remote configurations
    Remote Config
  • cloud-reporting
    Cloud Status Reports
  • Cloud Image Upload
    Cloud Image Upload
  • 4K Images
    4K & RAW Images
  • Weatherproof camera
    Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Ethernet Support
    Ethernet Support
  • Sim Connectivity
    Sim Connectivity
  • full camera
    Full Lens DSLR Camera
  • expandableStorage
    Expandable Storage
  • in-built battery
    In-Built Battery
  • SolarAC
    Zero Cabling
  • Hyperlapse

A tough range for the extreme. That’s Iris

With the blend of advanced scheduling, remote camera control, gallery access at any time, and unmatched power management, Quantam Iris is the ultimate system for long-term time-lapse and an ideal choice for installing in the extreme zones - industrial areas, construction sites, remote areas, and more.
Power to transform everything

Much more than just a time-lapse camera.
It’s awake while you sleep

Environment projects time-lapse
reasons enough to choose

It's a great long term time-lapse system

Quantam Iris is packed with powerful features and possibilities.
Why is Quantam Iris right for you?

Housed inside a Weatherproof - Military Grade IP66 Pelican Case

Quantam Iris is rough to beat uncertain climatic conditions and tough in extreme temperatures. It is perfect for construction sites, industries, high-rise buildings, and altitudes.

Weatherproof camera

Pixel-Perfect 4K image quality for stunning time-lapses

A higher resolution implies more than just a higher-quality image. For 4K image quality, Iris supports a wide range of DSLR cameras for an incredible experience. Please check the supported cameras section for more information.

Right, left, pan, tilt. Tri-Axis mount to capture your perfect angle

The electrically coated Aluminium Enclosures and Mounts help in stabilization at high altitudes. Height, tilt, and rotation are all fully adjustable. It is stable while not taking up much space, making it ideal for shooting beautiful time-lapses.

Adaptive Network connectivity to run on Sim Card, or Fixed Line Internet

The unit can run on LTE networks. Just put a sim card inside the controller and it establishes a mobile network connection and starts uploading images connecting to the database and then to your front end dashboard.

Remote Management from a powerful dashboard on the fly

Build your own regime and get fine-grained access to your Iris time-lapse system from anywhere, anytime. Time-lapses can be set for multiple intervals and timing.


In-Built Battery backup and option to charge using a Solar Panel or Mains

Quantam Iris is powered by a 14Ah lithium-ion battery. It can be charged using a 20 Watt Solar Panel and can last for YEARS. If you’re running the unit on battery on a specific regime — it can run for 7 days on battery alone.

lithium-ion battery

Access to all system info and critical logs on the Dashboard

Get access to the unit's critical logs, change the regime, upload, click, configure, and do more with just a click. Will all this info, you're all set for a long-term time-lapse. It’s that simple.


Expandable Onboard Storage for RAW and Image Backup

Hook a pen drive or a flash drive or an SSD, and break the shambles of fixed storage. The unit will start storing images locally. You have a backup to all the images, at any point in time.

we love more

The world is your studio

Manage everything, from image comparison to fine-tuning them
to generating instant time-lapses — Iris packs it all.
after time-lapse
Before time-lapse

Monitor your projects from a single dashboard

Our time-lapse cameras capture 4K images of your project based on the config you set, which are uploaded to our cloud platform - ProgressCenter. All your projects are put under a single dashboard for you and your team to have real-time access to. Anywhere, anytime!
Monthly subscription starts as low as $30 Get Started
Here’s what you get
A powerful set of features that will transform the way you work.

BIM Integration

Merge real-time project imagery with Autodesk platforms to create new intelligent perspectives of construction sites. Combine high-quality construction images with your BIM files to compare your as-planned with as-built.

bim integrations
  • SingleDashboard

    Single Dashboard

    Get access to a single dashboard available across various platforms.

  • Customization


    Access to a customized dashboard with Client branding.

  • saveDocuments

    Save Documents

    ProgressDocs allows you to save civil documents related to your work/project.

  • liveLapse


    LiveLapse™ offered for every project (an auto-generated Time-lapse video.

  • support

    24x7 Support

    24-hour customer support - generate tickets within an instant.

  • view Images

    View Images

    Can go back in time and view all stored images from the beginning of the project.

  • multiple Filters

    Multiple Filters

    Range of filters to enhance the quality of your images.

  • zoom in out

    Zoom & Pan

    Zoom and pan options for all images

  • save share

    Save & Share

    Save, share, and collaborate via email or via socials.

  • easy management

    Easy Management

    Seamless management of Team & User.

  • progress-slider


    Progress slider lets you view an overlaid progress of your work.

  • instant reports

    Instant Reports

    Get access to all scheduled and instant reports consolidated in one place.


That's what it is mostly used for...

Shoot your creative use-case at hello@quantam.io and we would love to put it here.
Obviously after we approve it ;)

Construction sites

Iris is tough and perfect for your construction time-lapse. You can record amazing time...

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interior time-lapse-video

Interior fit-outs

Getting your showroom built? Or huge corporate offices? Iris is built to record professiona...

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commercial time-lapse shoots

Commercial Shoots

Shooting at remote and faraway locations? Iris has got our back. This camera would be an...

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Super charged

Delivering the performance you’ve been looking for - right through the lens

In The Box

A complete long-term Time-Lapse System

time-lapse system
1 x
20 Watt Solar Panel
1 x
Iris Controller
1 x
Thunder Cable
1 x
Lithium Ion Battery Pack
1 x
Weatherproof Iris Enclosure
1 x
Aluminium Protector Set
1 x
Mounting Bracket

Key Specifications

Supported Cameras
Nikon: D3500*, D5600
Canon: 2000D, 1500D, Rebel T7, 200D MK II, Rebel SL3, 250D, 850D
Image Formats
JPG, DNG, CR2, Other RAW Formats
Dimensions L x W x H
Shipping Box 300 x 450 x 330 mm
Iris Unit 300 x 300 x 300 mm
Solar Panel 300 x 450 x 22 mm
Gross 24 Lbs ~ 11 Kgs
Net 18 Lbs ~ 8 Kgs
Solar 4.5 Lbs ~ 2 Kgs
14,000 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
9VDC - 21VDC
Network Connectivity
LTE Network over Sim Card
Fixed Line Internet through built-in Ethernet port.
IP66 Weatherproof Pelican Case
Standard 1 Year
Works great with

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