Construction Time-lapse

Why does your construction site need time-lapse cameras?

Construction site time-lapse cameras boost openness and accountability by capturing subcontractors' operations and keeping track of building material delivery and placement.

Construction cameras offer an additional layer of control to projects. Businesses use them to deliver a variety of benefits targeted at improving project quality, project management, and project security.
To record a construction site's progress is to unravel the journey of the rise of buildings, cities, and civilizations over a period of time. Watching a man-made project evolve, with workers, engineers, and project managers contributing to it, is nothing less than a sight to behold, especially for those involved!

With the growing times, companies are working on multiple projects simultaneously thus, making it difficult for project managers to manage all the projects respectively. Companies’ projects are mostly located in different regions and states, which is a huge challenge for managers. The ongoing pandemic has made traveling so difficult, moreover, managers can’t be working promptly, and traveling back and forth simultaneously.

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Construction cameras are plug-and-play systems powered using Solar or Mains and Cellular connectivity.

Construction cameras help in enabling complete visibility across all project sites with remote viewing and out-of-the-box Time-lapse videos. Construction cameras eliminate the need to travel frequently to different project sites, thus, minimizing the time, and money.

Construction cameras offer photo capturing at regular intervals which can be easily pre-set. However with Quantam Iris, you can change the interval anytime from the MyQuantam dashboard. All the images are stored on the cloud, with safe and secure access.

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Job Site Time-lapse Photography

Our industry-leading time-lapse cameras have assisted countless global construction organizations in documenting their construction progress and ensuring the on-time success of their projects.

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Evolved Simplicity. Industry-leading custom features for your workflow.
Best For Your Construction Time-lapse Photography
The Quantam series is the most trustworthy construction time-lapse solution. You get high-end stability, a sturdy build, and the ability to capture immaculate time-lapses, among other benefits. It's easy to use, smooth, and a great investment for your construction company.
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Advanced Collaboration
Document, save and share everything on/from the progress center, email, or socials, and browse through the available data, which is regularly updated due to an automated view feed.
progress documentation
Seamless Accessibility
Go back in time and view all stored images from the beginning of your construction project.
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Real-time Monitoring
Optimize the control and monitoring of all of your Quantam construction timelapse units in real-time.
real-time monitoring
Long-term Time-Lapse

Powered by solar/mains

Quantam cameras can operate on both solar and battery power. When there is
a power outage or bad weather in your construction area, the in-built battery
packs will let the unit last a week.
Professional Time-lapse

Reliable and Powerful

Quantam camera units let you access the unit logs, battery health, signal strength, and other useful information, with advanced monitoring.

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