Real-Time Construction Monitoring: The Efficiency of Cameras in the Building Industry



Supervision of construction projects is the primary reason for installing cameras at a construction site. With the desire for multi-tasking evolving by the second, especially in projects where construction workers need to only re-iterate steps, project managers must maintain a watchful eye on how their projects evolve. Sitting miles away or even working on another aspect of the same project, professionals can collaborate with this technologically-advancing, remote construction monitoring. At progressCenter, our popular construction time-lapse software, Progress Centre, offers a controllable eagle-eye view of your project(s).

All you have to do is fix the on-site camera, plus ensure internet connectivity, and you can get the live action of every passing second. Progress Centre will bring a real-time feel to your project sites (even if they are more than one). Its interface allows multiple owners to edit and manage remote camera settings. Even if you can't access its interface at any point, the interlinking bot, PeeCee, will notify you of all updates over a simple messaging app such as WhatsApp.

Remote Construction Monitoring

Jobsite photo documentation is another requirement in construction projects, and remote monitoring shouldn't become a limiting factor. Timelapse photo documentation of construction project offers visual proof of how events unfold, besides being a tool for marketing and winning clients. Even if the project takes years altogether, a timelapse video will offer a fast-forward compilation of all the hard work and has become the modern man's favorite way of witnessing progress. Therefore, a construction site camera should perform the dual functions of capturing and recording frames, for which it needs to have a camera lens of fine resolution and good storage capacity. Especially if your project spans across years for which an on-site manual transfer of data is inconvenient, the storage capacity of such cameras needs to be ample.
Depending on the nature of the project, we offer a range of cameras to accessorize your timelapse equipment. You can choose your camera or camera lens depending on your project's requirement and the permitted budget. Rest assured, our device will capture visuals in 4K only.

The unpredictable nature can also hinder the seamless recording which is why you need an encasing that stands this test. Our expert-engineered camera equipment is housed within a military-grade IP66 Pelican case. Meaning, It is ready to battle anything nature throws at it, and thus your remote photo documentation will suffer no interference.
With quality and consistency promised, the purpose of vigilance is also being served by good construction cameras these days. Because why install separate gadgets when the same camera device offers progress recording and security monitoring? But to power these devices to run uninterruptedly, they must be backed with batteries. Our Quantam IRIS will operate 24 hours, lasting for an entire week without any external power source. To reinforce its operations even further, it comes with a chargeable 14Ah Lithium-ion battery that is solar-powered.

Now, all that remains is the alignment and mounting of the cameras, which should be again done with nimble fingers. You want to keep the alignment the same every day and thus avoid ruining a good time-lapse video output. It will be distracting for once and also pitch forth your indecisiveness in handling projects. Instead, deploy professionals to do it in case you face any difficulty setting it up. While we provide high-quality pieces of equipment that are easy to install, we also offer installation services. Because imagine recording a year-long project only to find out that you chose the wrong camera angle, only now, there's nothing you can do about it!!.
So, there you have it, the many reasons to employ construction cameras for your building projects and how you get the best pieces of equipment from us. Furthermore, if you have any queries, you can reach out to us here.

How can I monitor my construction site remotely?

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