What are construction cameras used for?



As many people believe, starting a building project is not a simple undertaking. As we all know, construction is a lengthy and steady process, thus a project manager's level of oversight is essential for a construction company to flourish and expand at a faster rate. However, the project manager cannot be in two places at the same time. He or she can only keep an eye on things using still photos, which can be difficult to rely on. One must regularly monitor how the project is going concerning the plans and the projected completion date. So here a construction camera comes into the picture, pun intended! A construction camera is a device one needs, to cover the construction site through a perfect eye. What we call a perfect eye is just the excellence a construction camera can provide to balance out the equilibrium of the implementation and execution of the project with the regular follow-up and control of the site environment.
From the start of the construction to the overlook of the site to the end of completion, the whole process is captured by these lenses on different scales. It can be either slow-motion, time-lapse, hyper-lapse or even a video with a normal frame rate. Keeping a check on the site is just as vital as completing a project as it can help in minimizing potential losses which can occur at the premises. Construction cameras provide real-time monitoring of the construction site, image comparison, event tagging, project timeline, and other features.
The construction camera is the most widely used device in the construction business and it is one of the main parts of construction technology these days. Your building site requires the installation of a high-resolution construction time-lapse camera, just like our Quantam Iris which is engineered for challenging construction sites yet powerful enough that will help you take magnificent time-lapses. You can run various time-lapses at the same time for different areas of the project and can be set for any interval and duration of the day. They can be easily navigated to any date within your time-lapse even in the middle of the recording.

Benefits of construction cameras::

• Real-time monitoring through Advanced Remote-Control System

These construction cameras provide high-resolution real-time monitoring of the construction site while sitting in your workstation. Quantam Iris does not limit you to just the basics, it manages your configurations, and changes your click time, upload time, start time, and end time – all remotely. Isn’t this majestic? Not only that, but it also helps in setting up the project timeline so that we can ascertain whether our plan is working as per our timelines or not.

• Manage everything from your pocket!

As a project manager, you would always love to supervise how your project is going on and keep a close eye on the construction site’s progress. When done correctly, progress monitoring aids in the timely completion of the projects. So as an advantage to the project manager, it helps in monitoring the progress in the construction site. You can get access to the latest images of the construction site in real-time, also to the unit logs, battery health, signal strength, video quality, and much more useful information with advanced monitoring on the ProgressCenter & Quantam dashboard.

• Time Saving

Now there is no need for a project manager to go out to the construction site when Quantam Iris can help you out! This will help you save your time by capturing the best time-lapse over different required angles and parameters so that you could get the gist of the overall progress of the project. With the latest technology available in the form of Quantam Iris, we have helped our clients with the parameters of their site in such a way that it optimizes their construction resources to the best of their potential, saving them time and money.

• Enhanced Project Management

One of the key areas where Quantam helps you out is in project management. As a project manager, you are the person responsible to coordinate the human resources with proper work allocation and align them with the material resources so that the objectives of the project are completed on time.

How can I monitor my construction site remotely?

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