time-lapse camera


All your control.
All on one dashboard.

Convenient time-lapse photography with built-in tools on your dashboard to control your unit’s routine.
One Dashboard

Unparalleled management
with all your units.

MyQuantam lets you precisely control your units’ routine.
quantam dashboard
Here’s what you get
A powerful set of features that will transform the way you work.

The ONLY camera that supports Smart Lapse

Break your entire day - set custom regimes. For instance, if your construction site is active between 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, you can set the unit to click pictures accordingly.


Get access to Installation history

This section in MyQuantam helps, mainly large organizations with multiple Quantam units, to keep a track of their units installation history.

quantam camera

And much more!


Easy Control

With easy control of the dashboard, you can reboot any camera that has been installed.

camera time-control

Set Time-zones

Can change and set the time zone where the unit is installed for perfect time sync.

Global Data Center

Global data center

Global data center solution to meet you local or regional compliances.

unit detail

Unit's Details

Get access to the unit’s battery level, voltage graph (external/solar), signal strength, SSD space, ISO setting, Exposure, time zone, and more.



Seamless access to all the critical logs. Access to all your unit’s analytics on usage.

forwarding  Hooks

Forwarding hooks

Forwarding hooks lets you forward the image whenever required.

Change Time

Can change start time, click time, end time, upload time - anytime!

check history

Check history

Have multiple units and want to track a specific unit’s installation history?

Powerful Camera

New possibilities, only possible with MyQuantam.

Build a powerful foundation for your time-lapse cameras.

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