Track. Manage. Share. ProgressCenter lets you do it all.

Engineered for challenging conditions — Deploy The Quantam Iris in the harshest surroundings and record long time-lapse.

Control it all with one dashboard

Manage everything, from image filters to fine-tuning it — progress center
keeps quality, at the center. Tools we offer to compare your images
event time-lapse camera
Here’s what you get
A powerful set of features that will transform the way you work.

BIM Integration

Merge real-time project imagery with Autodesk platforms to create new intelligent perspectives of construction sites. Combine high-quality construction images with your BIM files to compare your as-planned with as-built.

bim integrations
  • SingleDashboard

    Single Dashboard

    Get access to a single dashboard available across various platforms.

  • Customization


    Access to a customized dashboard with Client branding.

  • saveDocuments

    Save documents

    Progress Docs allows you to save civil documents related to your work/project.

  • liveLapse

    Live Lapse

    LiveLapse™ offered for every project (an auto-generated Time-lapse video.

  • support

    24*7 Support

    24-hour customer support - generate tickets within an instant.

  • view Images

    View Images

    Can go back in time and view all stored images from the beginning of the project.

  • multiple Filters

    Multiple filters

    Range of filters to enhance the quality of your images.

  • zoom in out

    Zoom in / out

    Zoom and pan options for all images

  • save share

    Save & Share

    Save, share, and collaborate via email or via socials.

  • easy management

    Easy management

    Seamless management of Team & User.

  • progress-slider

    Progress slider

    Progress slider lets you view an overlaid progress of your work.

  • instant reports

    Instant reports

    Get access to all scheduled and instant reports consolidated in one place.

One Platform

The efficiency you’ve been searching for. Out of the box.

Look no further than Quantam’s ultimate time-lapse cameras to elevate your performance with seamless connectivity between Progress Center and Quantam that help you manage work from a single dashboard.

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