Capturing Nature's Symphony: The Best Cameras for Outdoor Time-Lapse Videos



Ralph Waldo Emerson, the famous American poet, has once quoted what today's time-lapse photographers and videographers solemnly follow:
"Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience."

The ability to supervise and record a process until its completion, be it natural or human-guided, relies heavily on the human characteristic of patience. However, having to hand-hold the camera, especially in bad weather, while pretending to be motionless for days altogether is impractical. There are even some natural events that span across years, and no human being in their right mind would inconvenience themselves in recording their time-lapse videos manually. Additionally, with the ever-increasing need to create and watch fast-forwarded events, pursuit of the right technology has become inevitable.
This is why our well-calibrated and automated time-lapse camera equipment, Quantam Iris , exists. Development of a full-blown tree from a sapling, transitioning dawn and dusk events, and the way nature behaves while the living beings are busy getting some shut-eye acquaints us with these miracles of nature. These are some of nature's dynamics that are now better understood by humanity, all thanks to the technique of time-lapse video recording.
Slowly, time-lapse evolved in its use beyond the purpose of simple observation. Soon, humans were quick to put this incredible technology of capturing time-lapse videos to other use. Prompting scientific research, answering nature-related curiosities, and unraveling mysteries are commonplace today with natural-timelapse photography and videography. In fact, with this technique in hand, scientists and observatories no longer rely on mere assumptions, and no factor is missed in justifying natural phenomena.

Unawareness has transformed into fascination, and the desire to learn more has never been this high. As nature puts up a thrilling show like that of the aurora or as the cosmos signals a new addition to the night sky, we will now know it with better tools and time-lapse videos. But how does this camera capture that which is subtle to the human eye?
To understand this, let's deconstruct our state-of-art gadget, Quantum Iris.

Quantam And Time-lapse Videography

Nature photography is all about aesthetics and attention to detail that must reflect in the form of time-lapse videos and photos. Quantam Iris, easily compatible with an HD camera such as Canon EOS 1500/2000D or Nikon D3500, delivers up to these expectations. Additionally, to capture the minute details, an accessorized Sigma 10-20-mm lens allows for the zooming in while preserving the multimedia quality. Whether it is the far horizon you want to capture or the minute events hidden from the naked eye, the visuals will be recorded and furnished in 4K!

Next, while setting up the equipment to capture precise events, inclination, focus, and distance from the object must be carefully calibrated. Quantam Iris comes with a tri-axis mount to pan, tilt, and incline as you fine-tune the device to capture images and videos as desired. You can even bolster the device with pole mounting brackets, clamps, and bolts to adjust the camera frame to a desired position.

Since no device runs without electricity and projects often revolve around filming those long-span time-lapse videos, the need for batteries and external supplies becomes critical. With our device, you get the support of a 15V AC adaptor as well that can be connected with AC Mains. Quantam Iris is also equipped with a chargeable 14Ah Lithium-ion battery that is solar-powered. This battery is even capable of running seven days straight! So, even if modernization is yet to reach any far-fetched area, our camera will open up this seemingly inaccessible area to the world.

Natural photography and videography often require professionals to take their camera equipment to rocky terrains amid unforeseen weather. To capture transitions happening in these biodiversities, camera equipment needs to be equally built more rigid. We have handled this aspect by housing our Quantam Iris within a Military Grade IP66 Pelican Case. Its electrically coated Aluminum enclosures and mounts also help in stabilization at high altitudes. Thus giving you a seamless photography and videography experience.

Lastly, storage must be adequate for capturing these fine-quality multimedia episodes that would run for days or even years. To operate Quantam Iris uninterruptedly, a base storage of 500GB hard disk drive is included for you to record, store, and edit images and videos seamlessly.

With these specifications, your timelapse video or photo recording experience will be more reliable and successful. Media quality rendered will be top-notch, and every event will be fully captured due to the backup power supply and storage unit, which is the forte of our devices. You can now better understand how natural events unfold, record them, and project them in live or store them for later processing.

Note that even if you are working on a live project with other team members, you can allow updates to be shared directly with them via a simple app such as WhatsApp. With our robust software ProgressCenter, you can edit, store, and compile images and videos with them in real time. PeeCee, a unique bot, will also assist you in transferring and managing data between the ProgressCenter dashboard and the messaging app.

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