ProgressCenter and Autodesk announce Partner Card Integration



We are happy to announce that ProgressCenter is now integrated with Autodesk. Our clients can easily view cameras on their regular Autodesk Construction Cloud dashboard.
Integrating project data between ProgressCenter and Autodesk Construction Cloud reduces the effort of maintaining two different dashboards, minimizes potential discrepancy errors, and breaks silos between the systems, giving clients the ability to enhance project management during construction.
While easily viewing their time-lapse cameras using the Partner Card, clients can view their project images and information to make resource decisions quickly and effectively. We have always worked on making things easy for our clients. With the Autodesk Construction Cloud integration, the users will get additional easy visibility into project data, wherever they work.
ProgressCenter, one of the most featured packed progress documentation systems , will be available for clients to add to their project home dashboards for streamlined workforce management. ProgressCenter provides an innovative technology solution. By collaborating with Autodesk and having a partner card, ProgressCenter can further help clients take advantage of a comprehensive view of their overall project efficiency.

ProgressCenter and Autodesk

This new integration simplifies the project documentation process, empowering clients to make efficient decisions in the fast-paced construction industry. Clients will now be able to access ProgressCenter directly within Autodesk Construction Cloud.

With the new integration, our clients will get three options to choose from:
  • Latest Image
  • Image for the day
  • All images

The latest image option will help the client to view only one latest image on the dashboard. The image for the day will display a carousel of the same day on the client’s dashboard, allowing the clients to view images at particular time intervals on that particular day. However, date toggling won’t be available.
The all images option will display the images that the client wants to choose using the date picker and easily toggle the dates.
With this integration, everything is reduced to a single dashboard. We are working on additional features for providing our users ease of access for documenting their projects.


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