Monitoring Made Easy: Simplifying Construction Progress Tracking



The eyes and ears of modern construction sites are well-operating time-lapse monitoring equipment. Imagine being away from a work site yet vigilant about everything there. Day and night, amid the unfavorable weather, with little to no worries about hindrances in supervision, live updates are notified to you, and you also get to document the construction progress. As an added benefit, vigilance is also granted.
All of this is courtesy of time-lapse monitoring.
Time-lapse monitoring has also improved construction site safety and reduced overall project costs. With time-lapse monitoring, more is done in less time, bringing about efficiency in modern-day constructions. As the world becomes more accepting of remote operations and management, the pursuit of rugged and efficient technology for monitoring and management has been of great interest. At this junction, Quantam emerges as a state-of-the-art technology that not only makes monitoring achievable but project management becomes a cakewalk with teams operating remotely.
Our monitoring-cum-management device will capture everything that goes on at a work site while granting managers complete control in supervising a construction project's progress. This is possible with our dedicated time lapse software ProgressCenter, which reports all on-site activities via captured visuals. Of course, this data transfer occurs via a pre-established internet connection that renders the project site accessible to all its remote managers. And there's more.

Navigate through the section below featuring time-lapse monitoring as an irreplaceable part of modern construction management:

1. A well-guided construction activity:

With proper monitoring, constructions are becoming accessible to manage remotely. To ensure this, our on-site camera setups allow remote workers to supervise building projects and guide those to completion. By positioning the cameras and sensors, you can check on the project activity, identify errors in construction, and redirect workers present on-site as you would have done in person. ProgressCenter, a time lapse software, lays down the dashboard to track developments on site. Anyone accessing this dashboard can communicate suggestions, point out deviations, and stay updated on the construction progress. This facility allows managers to work from their convenience while being equally alert on the site's happenings.

2. Supervision and Collaborative Project Management:

Remote workers can monitor and track construction progress using our standard dashboard that is inputted with live data of developments that take place on-site. This way, joint feedback is collected transparently, and the best decisions are made. Live snapshots, videos, and even timelapse videos are collated using a standard time lapse software, ProgressCenter, that makes it easy to analyze and reflect upon. This data later lays the foundation of project documentation, which management can edit, organize, and store for record purposes. With our dedicated bot, PeeCee, these updates will be directly sent to distant operators over a simple messaging app such as WhatsApp, making project management more accessible than ever!

3. 360-Degree Security, 24*7

Remote construction site monitoring offers a more reliable and continuous security mode to a heavily operational site and the workers there. While fatigue and overwork will compromise the alertness of humans, our tireless device will offer more foolproof and uninterrupted security to the construction site and even nearby. They can be additionally equipped with night visibility and alarm systems, which can even enhance surveillance of the entire area, ensuring its safety around the clock.

4. Risk Assessment and Early Mitigation:

Our high-precision cameras will maintain a bird's eye view of the construction site that will point out flaws and other risk factors. You can zoom in or out on the entire project with the remote-controlled facility of our device. Thus, error detection happens side by side without significant losses. In this way, site accidents will be prevented with the early identification of construction imperfections. Therefore, loss of wealth and human life can be avoided, and the overall project cost will be drastically reduced.

5. Remote, Reliable, and Uninterrupted Construction Site Monitoring:

Modern-day construction cameras are housed in protective gear. This ensures that surveillance continues despite bad weather. Therefore, even if the project supervisors are restricted from the site due to stormy weather or torrential rains, remote monitoring will always be a reliable option for them to oversee site functions effectively. This is particularly true for our device, encased in a Military Grade IP66 Pelican Case. This protective gear is rugged and built to tackle extreme weather conditions. Additionally, its electrically coated aluminum enclosures and mounts help stabilize it at high altitudes. Thus, the costly camera equipment is granted a haven to perform even amid bad weather. Quantam is mainly powered by a 20W solar panel and a chargeable 14Ah Li-Ion battery with a backup of 7 days straight to grant smooth monitoring.

6. Parallel, high-quality photo and video documentation of projects:

While the issue of live construction site monitoring is resolved, remote tracking has simultaneously aided in project photo and video documentation. The data will be safely preserved and transmitted over network connectivity, mobile network, or LAN. This way, you can document the project work until completion in 4K while simultaneously recording live construction progress. Our famous Quantam Iris supports HD quality cameras like Canon EOS 1500/2000D and Nikon D3500 with its zoom feature enhanced by an accessorized Sigma 10-20-mm lens. Additionally, with a 500GB hard drive, project managers can record and preserve footage over a long time without interruption.

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