What is a construction camera?


Sauliha Sarwar

With the growing times, companies are working on multiple projects simultaneously thus, making it difficult for project managers to manage all the projects respectively. Companies’ projects are mostly located in different regions and states, which is a huge challenge for managers. The ongoing pandemic has made traveling so difficult, moreover, managers can’t be working promptly, and traveling back and forth simultaneously.

This is where Construction Cameras come into existence. Construction cameras are plug-and-play systems powered using Solar Panels and Cellular connectivity.

Construction cameras help in enabling complete visibility across all project sites with remote viewing and out-of-the-box Time-lapse videos. Construction cameras eliminate the need to travel frequently to different project sites, thus, minimizing the time, and money.

With construction cameras coming into frame, construction sites are safer and workers are more efficient. Construction cameras are specifically designed to monitor construction sites.

For construction, cameras fixed positions always help. The cameras placed at one single point can take images continuously without moving and focusing on different points throughout the project. The best location for a construction camera can be a little distance away from the actual construction site.

The construction sites are always more prone to adverse conditions because of being outdoors. Mostly, all the construction cameras are built in such a way that they are protected from heavy rains, snowfalls, and extremely hot conditions.

Construction cameras offer photo capturing at regular intervals which can be easily pre-set, however you want the interval to be. All the images are stored on cloud software, which provides unlimited data storage.

It has been observed that clients tend to invest more in a project with high transparency, thus, construction cameras are setting the new bars for transparency. As it provides open-access features, clients can easily keep an eye on the project that they have invested in.

Concluding, Construction cameras help monitor construction sites as the features are specifically developed to enhance construction efficiency. Most of the companies have saved a lot of time and money by observing the construction camera output.

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